How We Work

Beautiful Group Shot Wedding Photography at Rhinefield House, New Forest, Hampshire

Elegant Wedding Photography

When shooting with our Elegant style, we place you in the picture with a picturesque landscape, building or sky behind you. We place you so you are full length in the frame and beautifully lit. This popular style places you in the context of the background at your wedding with breathtaking imagery.

Intimate Wedding Photography

In contrast, our Intimate style zooms in tight and captures your thoughts and feelings. We know how to get a reaction from you so we get to shoot real and natural expressions. We know how to make your eyes smile.

Reportage Wedding Photography

When we are shooting with our Reportage or Photojournalism style, we are shooting whatever it takes to tell the full story of your day entirely in pictures. Most of the time you won't even realise we're doing it and neither will your guests. We'll notice situations developing, get ourselves at a good angle to benefit from the best lighting, framing and background and still record the moment.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

At every wedding we try to make sure we've shot some pictures you could put on your wall if you chose to or create a breathtaking big picture double page spread in your album. Stunning shots, beautifully lit that are an elegant reminder of your day. Precisely what we shoot will vary depending on your schedule, your venue and the weather but we are skilled at being able to make even the mundane look exceptional so it is our aim to shoot some stunning fine art pictures at each wedding. Every bride should have a picture from her wedding that's stunning enough to print on a canvas and place on her wall if she wants to. We go to some lengths to ensure each of our brides can do this if she chooses.

There is no limit to the number of meetings and phone calls you can have with us to help in the planning of your day.

We impose no time limit on our coverage of your day (though we like to be away by 9pm).

We are a friendly husband and wife team who know how to best capture your day whatever the weather or venue. We don’t limit the number of shots we take and neither do we limit the number of shots we deliver (though it typically turns out to be 400+ for a full day’s coverage).

We shoot in a variety of styles during a wedding ranging from candid, contemporary and reportage to traditional and fine art so you have plenty of opportunity to choose the styles you like most for your album.
We have three styles of album. The Coffee Table range are a popular classic to complement your images. The elegant INFINITY range of albums are smart and sleek and very popular. But you will fall in love with our sumptuous and luxurious BELLISSIMO PERFETTO range the moment you see its leatherette padded cover inside its velvet lined presentation box with black faux leather cover.

We will design you a bespoke story book album including your selection of around 100 images beautifully printed on quality paper by one of the UK's most acclaimed wedding album suppliers.

We process all the images we deliver to you. Processing includes technical corrections as well as creative editing. The exact number of images we deliver varies from wedding to wedding but it’s not unusual for us to deliver between 400+ processed images for full coverage of a busy wedding.

Book us now for affordable and quality photography by friendly and non-intrusive photographers.

As well as the packages detailed above, we can also provide:

Albums of varying styles, sizes and numbers of pages
Parent albums
Thank you cards
Keepsake accordions
Signing frames

We'd love to meet with you to show you our range of products.

Pre-Wedding Portrait Sessions

Pre-wedding Portrait sessions help get you used to our cameras and learn how to look relaxed, natural and at your best.

We will coach you on how to stand to look at your best - pre-wedding shoots are also great opportunities to get to know each other and get you more relaxed in front of the camera.

Netley Wedding Photography 

You are welcome to use some of these shots in your wedding stationery or a print with a wide mount that your guests can sign on the day. We will help you with scheduling your day to try and maximise photographic opportunities, etc. Where possible we recommend you try to schedule a short portrait session with us on the day away from your guests for around 10-20 minutes. It gives you a welcome breather and a great opportunity to get some gorgeous portraits you'll value for years.

"On the Day" Attendance

On the day, we will provide you with two wedding photographers. Not only does this mean that you have better coverage of the day but it also gives you a wider creative range (one can shoot long as the other is shooting wide for example) as well as increased security should anything terrible happen to one of the cameras (touch wood it never has yet).

Rhinefield House Wedding Photography

We dress like guests and mingle as guests for most of the day. You’ll hardly notice we’re there, except for when we are organising formals or shooting your portraits…and maybe when you need us to pin a button hole or tie a cravat.  


Bridal Prep

We will arrive at your place for bridal preparations some two hours prior to the ceremony, if you wish us to do so.

Beautiful Bridal Prep Wedding Photography

We will shoot flowers, shoes and jewellery prior to them being worn as well as the latter stages of make-up, lacing of the wedding dress and shoot reportage for the general preparation activity. If time allows we shall also shoot bridal party portraits before leaving for the ceremony.

Albums and Keepsakes

We work with you to design a bespoke
storybook album including your selection of around 100+ images beautifully printed on quality paper by one of the UK's most acclaimed wedding album suppliers.

Our exquisite Belissimo Perfetto luxurious album packages offer a “simply perfect” seamless spread of your images across the spine area of your album, which is bound
with a luxurious leatherette padded cover and delivered in a velvet lined presentation box with black faux leather cover.

Our popular Infinity packages offer beautifully made lay-flat albums made with heavy weight (210gsm) satin coated paper, with hardback cover which is photographically printed and laminated with a presentation box (shown below).

Some of our packages include
Keepsake Accordion fold-outs, ideal as gifts for bridesmaids, mums or yourself to keep in your handbag or on your desk.

Disk with all the Processed Images of the Day

All our Wedding Packages give you a disk with the processed shots of the day. The disk will contain processed images in both web-sized and printable sized jpeg image files and is delivered to you in a luxury padded leatherette DVD box.

We process all the images we deliver to you. Processing includes technical corrections as well as creative editing. The exact number of images we deliver varies from wedding to wedding. It’s not unusual for us to deliver between 400-600 processed images for full coverage of a busy wedding.

I will retain copyright of the images but I will give you the rights to make your own prints and use the images on the Internet and social networking sites for personal use.

Wedding Tokens

We sell Wedding Tokens for your guests to buy so you can redeem on any wedding extras you choose e.g. prints, canvas, higher spec album, hi-res music slideshow on DVD, etc. All they have to do is contact us, pay and tell us where they would like the Wedding Token sent. Wedding Tokens are available for any amount from £25.

Delivery Timescales

Precise delivery times can vary depending on my workload and how much coverage we gave you on the day, but these are my aims which I normally manage to achieve: - Small number of finalised images in lo-res for use on your social networking sites (within a week of your wedding). - On-line Gallery of all your processed images (between 3-6 weeks after your wedding - we aim to keep it to nearer 3 weeks for most of the year but can be nearer 6 after the Summer) - Our proposed album design (within a couple of weeks of receiving your image choices for your album) - Albums (within a couple of weeks of receiving approval of the album design)


If your wedding is further than an hour from away from Southampton, then we may need to add reasonable travel expenses to our package price and perhaps overnight accommodation if the distances require it.