"They work perfectly as a team and made us feel so relaxed"


We have just received sample pictures of our wedding day as shot by Jacqui and her husband Steve. Firstly, they are unlike any we researched, both visionary and intuitive. Both Jacqui and Steve were able to see the unseen and grab opportunities for some fantastic pictures. Secondly they work perfectly as a team, and made us feel so relaxed they became part of our congregation and reception party! Which of course made for some great photos. I can’t recommend them enough, we are SO impressed with their work.

Please, have a look at their site, Facebook, or speak to them in person for your party, portrait, celebration, wedding, pet, anything really that you want captured in time and essence.

Just make sure Jacqui gets tea and when Steve shouts “Sky!!” at you, you run outdoors quick!!!!

Thanks you two, for everything xx

Mark and Nadine, 12 November 2015

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