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Our Balmer Lawn Hotel Review:

The Balmer Lawn Hotel has two fine wedding suites, quite some way from each other and with their own gardens. The architecture within the hotel is interesting and photogenic with a staircase, archways and piano in the foyer.

The bridal prep room that we have always been in has been fabulous. It is spacious with a four poster bed, large full length mirror, large windows that give gorgeous portrait lighting and a spacious bathroom.

Both the bridal suites have lovely decoration and sensible layouts.

If time and weather permits a short walk gets you to a beautiful stream which is a fabulous opportunity for portraits. In front of the hotel there is a large lawn which is not only good for daytime portraits against the frontage of the hotel but is also perfect for sunset shots if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Because of the Balmer Lawn’s lovely interiors and the gorgeous bridal prep room as well as the wedding suites being made of several rooms with great ambience and outside photographic opportunities with pavements in case of muddy conditions that we rate the Balmer Lawn Hotel as a Top Winter Wedding Venue.

Additionally because of the close proximity of the bubbling stream and the lawn in front of the hotel that can give you stunning sunset photography, we also rate the Balmer Lawn as a Top Summer Wedding Venue.

by Steve Dunster
18 November 2013
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Details from their website:

Privately owned 10-100 guests

Lyndhurst Road
SO42 7ZB

01590 623116