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The Beaulieu Hotel is a lovely wedding venue in the New Forest. It is actually a few miles away from Beaulieu village itself and the Motor Museum so look it up on a map before you go so you’re not hacking up and down country lanes trying to find it.

It has a very pretty entrance which is red-carpeted for weddings and leads straight to the main road so your transport can drop you there when you Arrive.

Opposite the front of the Hotel is a panoramic view of the New Forest which is great for portraits, especially if you have an interesting sky.

The Ceremony and Reception are held in the same room which is spacious, nicely decorated and with great light. Because the same room is used for both Ceremony and Reception, your guests need to vacate the room so the hotel staff can turn the room round in between. This is not a big issue because in good weather your guests can go out of the patio doors from the Ceremony room straight into the garden which is very pretty and with plenty of paving slabs (great for high heels if the grass is a little soft).

There is also an adjoining room with a bar for your guests to spill out into and it is plenty large enough even if you want a photo booth. Guests are also welcome to spill out into the Hotel’s lounge area.

From a photographic point of view, the interior of the Hotel is very pretty, as is the outside architecture. Opposite the Hotel across the road there is a fabulous open and flat-to-the-horizon part of the New Forest and also some tall trees not far away - if the weather is kind, this can be a great place to do a variety of portraits within walking distance from the Hotel.

When we’ve been there the staff have been a delight to work with. A pretty and intimate venue in the gorgeous New Forest, Hampshire.

by Steve Dunster
11 December 2013
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