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Fort Nelson is situated on Portsdown Hill just North of Portsmouth and is easy to get to from the M27. There is plenty of parking and this is definitely a venue worthy of consideration for any couple who what something a little unusual or something with a military flavour.

It is one of the 19th Century brick built so called Palmerston’s Follies built to fend off another French invasion but it is now home to the Royal Armouries Museum.

The ceremony room is intimate though a slightly odd shape, having two aisles that meet where the couple stand but it works well enough. Celebration drinks are either served outside in a courtyard which is sheltered from wind but is still open to rain, in which case drinks are served in one of the museum rooms which is very pleasant and the exhibits are very interesting.

At some point in the proceedings it’s normal for the bride and groom to fire one of the museum’s field guns which, we are told, is thoroughly exhilarating.

The bride and groom and their guests are welcome to wonder around the Fort and take in what the museum has to offer.

Some couples will then leave for another venue for their Reception meal but if you wish, Fort Nelson may also be used for the Reception meal and evening party.

The walk across the parade ground to fire the gun can be windy and is a little dusty and you may have more fun here in the Summer than in the Winter but Fort Nelson is a real venue with a difference and well worth a look.

by Steve Dunster
19 August 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Fort Nelson
Portsdown Hill Road
PO17 6AN

01329 233734