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The Langstone Hotel has three wedding suites. One is upstairs with a panoramic view of Chichester harbour. The other two wedding suites are beautifully decorated with chandeliers and big wall mirrors giving a lovely ambience.

The main hotel bar area is photogenic and great for reportage wedding photography. There are several outdoor locations suitable for formal group shots. If the weather has been fine and grass is not muddy there is patch of grass out the back of the hotel which can have the group shots with trees in the background or, if the tide is in and the sky in interesting, the creek can be a good background.

If the weather has been bad, the Hotel Entrance can be used for group shots, it is quite well sheltered there and waiting guests can be in the foyer out of the weather.

There are some wonderful portrait opportunities if the weather and tide are compatible with the timing of your wedding. These include shots between the trees opposite the hotel car park with Chichester harbour as the back drop. Also, the creek makes a great backdrop, especially if the tide is in and the sky is blue and the wind not too great.

One of the nicest things about the hotel (from a photographer’s point of view) is the likelihood of getting a sunset. There is a clear line across Chichester Harbour towards the birdge to the horizon. Ideally the tide would be in but even if it isn’t the mud flats are usually still wet and reflections are still effective. Of course weather there will be a sunset or not is a matter of chance but if there is one, The Langstone Hotel is a great place to make the most of it.

The Langstone Hotel is easy to get to being only a few minutes drive from the main A27 at Havant and has close by car parking.

Since The Langstone Hotel has such lovely and varied interiors, it is an obvious candidate for Winter weddings and at Christmas the decorations help to create a cosy atmosphere. For this reason we have rated The Langstone Hotel as being a Top Winter Wedding Venue.

If you have the weather to get the best out of the outside photographic opportunities then the photographs you could get from this venue are as good or better than any other venue in the area. It is for that reason that we have rated The Langstone Hotel as being a Top Summer Wedding Venue.

The staff have always been fantastic and easy to work with. Whenever we have been there the food has been very good.

by Steve Dunster
17 November 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

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Northney Road
Hayling Island
PO11 0NQ

02392 465011