Historic Wedding Venue

Lainston House, near Winchester

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Our Lainston Review:

Lainston House is a fabulous venue for weddings at any time of year. The grounds are meticulously well kept and include some small ruins. There are amazing gardens on three sides of the venue. The front is a grand and stunning approach for your guests, the back has outstanding views and the side is intimate and sheltered with garden furniture.

The interiors are similarly wonderful with the feel of a grand country house. The decor is exquisite and the furnishings are sumptuous. This venue oozes class and historic character. If you love Jane Austen you should really look at this place.

The rooms we’ve been in for bridal and groom prep have been fantastic. Stunning interiors with acres of space and glorious soft light from the huge period-design windows.

The staff are second to none at Lainston and the whole feel of the place is one of welcome, style, class and comfort.

Wedding ceremonies can be held at Lainston either inside, or outside if weather permits. For inside weddings they use the same room for the ceremony, the reception and the dance. It is spacious but intimate with bare-brick walls and timbered ceiling. It is joined to the rest of the hotel by covered corridors. When the room is being turned round the guests go to one of the lovely lounges in the hotel or out into the gardens if weather permits.

Lainston House is not far from Winchester and is set in the most amazing countryside with a long sweeping driveway up to the house and car park. Cars are kept away from the front of the house during weddings which is fantastic for photographs. There is ample parking only a short walk away from the main buildings.

For us, Lainston is a Top Summer Wedding Venue because of its amazing architecture and grounds and Top Winter Wedding Venue because of the amazing interiors with plenty of light and space. Even if there has been rain before the wedding day leaving grass muddy and soft, there are plenty of stone-slab patios and paths close to the buildings so the beauty of the grounds can be enjoyed without venturing onto muddy grass.

Lainston is a top class venue with amazing staff and a great feel to the place. There are countless photo-opportunities both inside and out at all times of year and in all weathers.

It is definitely worth considering Lainston House as a possibility for your wedding venue.

by Steve Dunster
28 May 2018
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Rivervale Weddings

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Our Rivervale Review:

Rivervale is a fabulous venue for weddings at any time of year. The grounds are meticulously kept and are beautifully landscaped and include a well kept pond, ideal for reflection photographs. The interiors of the barn are similarly wonderful with an undeniably rustic feel but with such beautiful decor that it has the benefits you’d expect from a high class modern venue - great light with modern fittings and comfort.

There is actually two big barns, both have amazing interiors and they are joined by a stunning foyer area. One barn is used for ceremonies and the other for your meal. The foyer is used for your dance.

Within the circle of buildings is a courtyard with a Continental in feel. There are chairs and tables for your guests to relax in the sheltered courtyard and drink and chat but there are also some wonderful features useful for great photographic possibilities: a fountain, a pitch-roofed gate, a plant clad two story chalet with external iron spiral staircase and Romeo & Juliet balcony.

There is the most amazing Bridal Prep suite of rooms which look out on one side to the fountain in the courtyard and out over the manicured gardens on the other side. These rooms are beautifully fitted and look fantastic but have modern fittings and are very practical. From a Bride Prep point of view the rooms are spacious, well lit, look fantastic with windows and a full length mirror and a bedroom and bathroom. A wonderful place for any bride to start her day.

With so many things good to say about the grounds and architecture of Rivervale, it would be all too easy to forget to mention the staff - but they are all quite exceptional. Not only are they well turned out and run things like clockwork silently behind the scenes, but I have never known staff (as a group) to be so aware of what the photographer is doing and whether they would be in the background of the photograph. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Although Rivervale has the feel a light and space and rustic grandeur, it is so beautifully laid out that there is surprisingly little walking to do. A definite plus for older guests and ladies with big high-heals.

There is ample parking at Rivervale and it is set right in the middle of the countryside.

For us, Rivervale is a Top Summer Wedding Venue because of its amazing grounds and courtyard, but also a Top Winter Wedding Venue because of its amazing interiors, plenty of light and space inside and a very picturesque courtyard that is both sheltered and is stone floored, ideal for group photographs if the grass is too soft in the garden.

If you want a barn wedding that has the benefits of modern fittings and great staff with great photographic options all the year round, we strongly recommend you have a look at Rivervale.

by Steve Dunster
27 May 2018
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Sopley Mill Weddings

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Our Sopley Mill Review:

Soplely Mill is an 18th Century water mill with lovely views of the Avon water-meadows, a lovely garden and very atmospheric period interiors.

Soplely Mill is intended to be a “blank canvas” for a couple who want to organise their own day, appointing their own caterers, planners, etc. to get the right combination for their perfect day.

There are several floors to the mill, the top floor being used for your meal, the middle floor used for your ceremony (if they have been registered now) and your evening party, and the lower floor open for your guests to roam in and out during the day whilst having canapés etc.

It is a wonderfully secluded wedding venue with great views and with an enormous amount of flexibility. It has a lovely garden, plenty of parking and is very atmospheric.

If the weather is good enough for guests to spill outside, this is a fabulous venue. If the weather is poor there are not many good options for large group shots inside but this wouldn’t matter if you intend to have your ceremony somewhere else and can do the group shots at your ceremony venue.

This is a very nice Summer wedding venue and well worth a look if you want plenty of control over your day.

by Steve Dunster
30 April 2015
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Sopley Mill
Mill Lane
nr Christchurch
BH23 7AU

Call David on 01425 672586

Froyle Park Weddings

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Our Foyle Park Review:

Foyle Park is an exciting new wedding venue not far from Alton, right in the middle of Jane Austen country. It has lovely gardens and beautifully decorated spacious rooms. They have a historic part of the venue with a wonderfully period feel to it (which when we have been there has been used for canapes and ceremony) and a stunning new wing with sumptuous fresh decor (which was used for the reception and evening party).

The view from the rear garden is gorgeous and the garden itself is beautifully maintained.

Froyle Park has a lovely intimate feel to it and it really works having the period part of the venue followed by the fresh modern part.

Because of the views and wonderful garden this Froyle Park would obviously be at its best in the Summer when the days are long and guests can spill out onto the lawns and enjoy the view. But it is also a wonderfully cosy Winter wedding venue with plenty of hard-standings with pleasing backgrounds so group shots would not have to be taken with guests standing on soft mud.

Foyle Park is a really lovely wedding venue and we strongly recommend it, certainly worth a look.

by Steve Dunster
1 May 2015
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Foyle Park Country Estate
Ryebridge Lane
Upper Froyle
SO42 7QB

Estate Office 0844 891 0680

Elmers Court Weddings

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Our Elmers Court Review:

Elmer’s Court is a gorgeous wedding venue just outside of Lymington in the New Forest. It has fabulous exteriors, very elegant interiors and substantial grounds that allow yourto walk right the way down to the banks of the river.

When we have been there bridal prep was in a very pleasant, well lit suite of rooms not far from the main building. There is also a sports bar for your guests to congregate before the ceremony. Elmer’s Court is also a hotel which can be great for guests who want to travel down the day before your wedding or not have to drive after your evening party.

The grounds are very nice and rooms are spacious and wouldn’t look out of place in a period drama.

Elmer’s Court is an obvious candidate for a Summer wedding because of it’s glorious grounds and views but it is equally good as a Winter venue because it’s rooms as so spacious and there is plenty of room on the patio at the back of the main building for group shots (so the ladies don’t have to lose their heals in mud).

Whenever we have been there the staff have been absolutely top class and the venue has a lovely feel about it.

We would definitely recommend Elmer’s Court as both a Top Summer Wedding Venue and a Top Winter Wedding Venue. Well worth a look.

by Steve Dunster
30 April 2015
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Elmer’s Court Country Club
SO41 5ZB

0845 601 1734

Bartley Lodge Hotel Weddings

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Our Bartley Lodge Hotel Review:

Bartley Lodge Hotel is a fabulous wedding venue. It manages to be both a grand country house with its stunning grounds and fabulous architecture but also in intimate, homely and welcoming venue with its gorgeous and classically elegant interiors.

The staff are absolutely brilliant and very accommodating. Whatever it takes to make your wedding perfect!

It is very close to the M27 and very easy to get to but is up a long drive way in amongst the trees and is very secluded and quiet and there is plenty of parking.

The front of the hotel has a large courtyard style frontage and at the back there is a generous patio and sweeping lawns with trees and lovely view.

We recommend this as both a top summer venue (because of its lovely exteriors and gorgeous grounds) but also a top winter venue (because of its wonderful interiors as well as the ample patio which is ideal of high heels even when the grass is soft).

The Bartley Lodge Hotel has two rooms licensed for wedding ceremonies.

by Steve Dunster
18 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

near Lyndhurst
SO40 2NR

023 8081 2248

Victoria House Weddings

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Our Victoria House Review:

Victoria House is in Hamble near Southampton and is a lovely venue for a wedding reception. It’s outside architecture is breathtaking and the grounds are fabulous with a huge lawn, at the bottom of which is a garden area with trees and shrubs. This makes Victoria House a gorgeous wedding venue for outside photographs and for your guests to have drinks on the patio and spill out onto the lawn.

Victoria House was built as part of the British Empire’s flagship military hospital at Netley and oozes the charms of Victorian architecture from when the British Empire was at its height.

Inside where the wedding reception tables are laid out is spacious, airy and modern. After the meal it is cleared to make a sizeable dance floor.

There is plenty of parking at Victoria House and the staff are very helpful.

We would recommend that Victoria House is definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a venue with stunning outdoor photography options and intimate but spacious interiors.

by Steve Dunster
14 March 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Victoria House
Hampshire Constabulary
Hamble Lane
SO31 4TS

02380 745 039

Square Tower Portsmouth Weddings

Square Tower:

Broad Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 2JE
07519 505785

Westgate Hall Weddings


West Gate Street
off Bugle Street
SO14 2AY

02380 833007

Marwell Hall Weddings (in Marwell Zoo)

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Our Marwell Zoo Weddings Review:

Marwell Hall is a wonderfully historic house in the middle of Marwell Zoo and it’s even thought that this is where King Henry VIII spent his wedding night with Jane Seymour. The historic and elegant interiors give many pleasing photo opportunities as does the outside if weather permits. The Hall is very impressive and so are the grounds surrounding it. If timescales and weather permits you are also allowed to roam around the animals. From a photographic point of view, this venue has a very rich supply of fantastic photo-opportunities.

There are quite a variety of wedding packages available giving quite different experiences depending on your needs, the size of your wedding party and the time of year you book. It is definitely worth visiting their website and contacting them for precise and up to date details but it’s hoped we can at least whet your appetite for this venue here.

Some of the packages even include an “Animal Encounter” which when we’ve been there has let the bride and groom feed some animals actually inside the animal pen itself.

All the packages provide dedicated road-train transport for your guests from the zoo gates to Marwell Hall, which would otherwise be quite a step for ladies in big heals or if the weather was unpleasant. Your guests are also welcome to roam around the zoo but I think this is only permitted whilst the zoo is open to the public.

It is possible to book only your wedding ceremony here or you can book both your ceremony and your reception. Whenever you book your wedding for, your ceremony will take place in the Hall but in the Summer, your reception would be in a marquee quite close to the Hall but during the rest of the year your wedding reception would be in the Hall itself.

It is worth pointing out that the Marwell Hotel is literally only walking distance from the gates to the zoo and it is ideally situated for guests to book in to for the night of the wedding. It would give guests the opportunity to catch the wedding road train to the gate, walk to the Hotel, freshen up and change for the evening party and still be back in plenty of time for the First Dance (depending on your schedule of course).

This venue is definitely at its best in warm, dry and pleasant weather. Whilst there is some protection from the weather in the road train, it’s still a lot more pleasant when it’s warm and dry as you’re being driven to the Hall past the animals.

Whilst the Hall interiors are good whatever the weather, its surrounding grounds are pea-shingle and can quickly get muddy in wet weather which can obviously restrict how much outside photography you might want to do if it’s been raining. If you do have an “Animal Encounter” as part of your package, you will also need to get to the animal enclosure which can also be a bit miserable if it’s wet and/or windy.

From a photography point of view this is a fabulous venue, provided it’s dry enough and pleasant enough to freely roam around the grounds.

Undoubtedly this is a wedding venue with a difference, and if you’re into animals in a big way it might be difficult to imagine a more perfect venue for you.

by Steve Dunster
22 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Marwell Hall
Marwell Zoo
Thompson’s Lane
Colden Common

01962 777966

Shaw House Weddings (Newbury Registry Office)


Our Shaw House Review:

Shaw House is actually Newbury’s Register Office but it is one of the finest Register Offices we’ve seen. It is such an historic house that the greater part of the building is actually a museum but the exterior of the house is magnificent and an absolute gift for outside wedding photography.

It has a long straight driveway from the very impressive gateway up to the house frontage. To the right there are a small number of trees ideal for a foliage backdrop. Turning left at the trees gets you to the doorway and steps that the bride and groom can come down from. This is east facing so ideal for shooting group shots in the shade for bright sunny afternoon weddings. There is also plenty of tarmac there in case it’s been raining and ladies with high heals can’t stand on soft grass.

Parking is ample and Shaw House is easy to get to from the A34 and Newbury - unless the Newbury Races are on, so worth checking the race schedule before booking your date perhaps.

The interior is very nice and the exterior frontage to the house is simply breath taking. If you live close to Newbury, getting married at Shaw House could really be a Register Office wedding with a difference. Well worth investigating.

by Steve Dunster
22 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Church Road
West Berkshire
RG14 2DR

01635 279279

The Royal Marines Museum Weddings

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Our Royal Marines Museum Review:

The Royal Marines Museum is the South East corner of Portsmouth and is one of the most stunning wedding venues in the area. It was formerly one of the finest Officers’ Messes in England. It has a parade ground for your guest to spill out on to, stunning stone stair cases leading up the entrance and a wonderful balcony with stone arches and a gorgeous view of the parade ground and Western sky - it is absolutely stunning at sunset.

The interiors are amazing. Big rooms with high ornate ceilings and classically elegant decor with wonderful use of the rich red of the Marines’ dress uniform.

If you want a classical wedding venue with a Victorian military feel to it that oozes the opulence of the Victorian Officer Class, then you’d have to travel a long way to beat the Royal Marines Museum.

A practical note to consider is that there are two main routes into Portsmouth: the M275 on the West, and the A2030 (the Eastern Road) on the East. If your wedding is on a Saturday, the M275 can get really congested and we strongly recommend that you suggest to your guests that they enter Portsmouth on the A2030 Eastern Road - unless there is a home football match at Fratton Park.

Whilst there is plenty of grass for children to run on, there are huge amounts of tarmac for group shots and portraits if the grass is soft or muddy. If the weather is too unpleasant for out door shooting, the rooms inside are spacious and ornate with big fireplaces and massive gold framed paintings.

Because of its elegance both inside and out, because of its strong military and historic atmosphere, and because it is so spacious inside with huge grounds and plenty of hardstanding ground for high heals if its been wet - we rate the Royal Marines Museum as both a Top Winter Wedding Venue and a Top Summer Wedding Venue.

The Royal Marines Museum has plenty of parking and great photographic opportunities both inside and out. Standing on the stone staircase, watching the setting sun behind the parade ground can really make you feel part of the elite and privileged Officer Class of a bygone era.

by Steve Dunster
23 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

[Old Address - has moved into the Dockyard - may not be doing weddings any more - 12 Aug 2018)
Eastney Road

02392 819385

Stonehenge Weddings

Stonehenge Wedding Photographer


0870 3331181

The Spread Eagle Weddings

South Street
West Sussex
GU29 9NH

01730 816911

Warbrook House Weddings

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Our Warbrook House Review:

Warbrook House is an excellent wedding venue. It is a large venue with fantastic architecture set in immense grounds with wonderfully elegant interiors and brilliant staff. There is ample parking and it is easy to get to from the M3.

The grounds include a long lake, huge lawns, a sunken garden, plenty of trees, a substantial patio out the back and a courtyard at the front.

The hotel is licensed for wedding ceremonies so it’s possible to have the entire wedding at Warbrook. If you choose to have bridal prep there, the bridal prep room is stunning. It has lots of space, elegant interiors and includes a conservatory which looks out onto the sunken garden. An amazing way to start your wedding day.

It is worth checking with Warbrook what the booking situation is because last time we were there it looked as though they were about to start booking marquee garden weddings too. If, though, you book a House wedding there are many grand and elegant rooms with fantastic windows and ceilings. There are plenty of rooms your guests can spill out into as well as the fantastic grounds to explore.

There is obviously a fabulous Summer wedding venue, if you get the right weather it is simply stunning but it is also a beautiful Winter wedding venue. If necessary, there is plenty of room inside for photography against the beautifully elegant interiors but if the weather is dry there is an abundance of gorgeous outside locations where high heels can stand on stone or tarmac if the grass is too soft.

And here is our top recommendation regarding booking your wedding at Warbrook. If you are offered Alan Marshall as your Master of Ceremonies, seriously consider taking us this option. More than any other MC we’ve worked with, he works so hard to ensure the smooth running of the day, he introduces elements of wedding tradition throughout the day to help set the tone and, without giving much away because the surprise is the nicest part, he does some set pieces that are very touching have always been well received by the brides and grooms whenever we’ve been there. He really does add a lot of value (and no we’re not on commission).

by Steve Dunster
19 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

The Street
RG27 0PL

0118 9732174

New Place Weddings

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Our New Place Review:

New Place is a wonderfully impressive and historic hotel near Shedfield in Hampshire. The stunning period brick architecture is set off beautifully by the substantial pea-shingle frontage that has a gorgeous iron gateway as its entrance.

There are substantial grounds including a patio, wide steps down to the lawn and flowered borders.

The interiors and windows are wonderfully period. When we have been there the upstairs room for bridal prep was very spacious with plenty of light though its large windows.

When ready, the bride walks along the long hall upstairs, down the historic staircase, along the picturesque downstairs hall and into a gorgeous ante room where the bridal party forms up before going into the ceremony room. This ante room has a fabulous stone fire place and is ideal for inside photographs both before and after the ceremony. After the ceremony this room is often used for drinks and canapes.

If the weather kind, guests can spill out onto the patio for drinks and enjoy the garden.

The reception is held in a separate building just along the garden path and down some steps. It is a modern and spacious building with a separate room for the bar. The room for the meal is spacious and is also used for the disco in the evening.

From a photographic point of view, there are many opportunities around the garden with its steps and borders, lawn and trees and with the distinctive architecture of New Place in the background.

The patio is great for reportage and just off the patio through a arched doorway there is a lovely lawned quad. Out the front of the main building is a large open square pea-shingle drive way which is normally kept free of cars for weddings. This is a great opportunity for photographs. You can have a confetti shot in front of the distinctive arched entrance way to the main building, you can even form a large group and shoot down from an upstairs window. The iron gates opposite the entrance also make a great setting for portraits with the historic New Place building in the background.

The garden faces West so as the sun goes down there can be some gorgeous evening sky portrait photography.

New Place is a beautiful wedding venue both inside and out. The main building oozes historic character and the reception building is clean and spacious and modern. The garden is fabulous, especially in the Summer.

For these reasons we have rated New Place as a Top Summer Wedding Venue and a Top Winter Wedding Venue.

by Steve Dunster
29 November 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Shirrell Heath
SO32 2JY

0329 833543

Trafalgar House Weddings



07976 645494

Stansted House Weddings


Stansted Park
Rowlands Castle

02392 412265

Farnham Castle Weddings


Castle Street

01252 721194

The Elvetham Weddings

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Our Elvetham Review:

Elvetham is an amazing wedding venue not far from Hook in Hampshire. It’s long tree-lined drive builds great expectation and the venue doesn’t disappoint. Hundreds of years ago Elvetham was used by Royalty and you can see why. Everything both inside and out is grand and elegant and beautifully proportioned.

From a photographic point of view you could spend a week there and still have opportunities you hadn’t exploited.

The grounds are huge. There are lawns and hedged walkways and walls with gates and trees and water features and meandering roads. There is a fabulous covered entrance to the main building which has great natural light and gorgeous architectural features.

The inside is exquisite and spacious and oozing with historic culture. The rooms are have high ceiling and the decor is gorgeous. The ceremony room, the reception room and the disco/dance room are all different rooms and adorned with gorgeous fireplaces, windows, book-cases etc.

There is a lovely staircase which leads to the upstairs room, over looking the gorgeous gardens at the back, which is used for bridal prep. It is spacious with fabulous window light and an outstanding view over the garden. A great way for any bride to begin her wedding day.

The grounds and interior have a huge number of portrait opportunities. When it comes to group shots there are many outside options. If the weather isn’t ideal for outside group shots then, because each of the three wedding functions (ceremony, reception and disco) are in different rooms, it is easy for the staff to accommodate group shots indoors in one of the beautifully decorated rooms.

When we have been there the staff have been second to none in their professionalism, resourcefulness and willingness to please.

It is for all these reasons we have rated The Elvetham as both a Top Summer Wedding Venue and a Top Winter Wedding Venue.

by Steve Dunster
1 December 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Fleet Road
Hartley Wintney
RG27 8AS

01252 844871

Chichester Cathedral Weddings


The Alverbank Hotel Weddings


Stokes Bay Road
PO12 2QT

02392 510005

Rhinefield House Weddings

Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer
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Our Rhinefield House Review:

Rhinefield House has outstandingly beautiful exteriors, interiors and grounds. The interiors are not only beautiful but spacious making Rhinefield an excellent choice for a Winter Wedding. The beauty of the grounds also make Rhinefield a top venue for Summer weddings.

The grounds are substantial and are beautifully designed. They look fantastic both at the front and at the back of the hotel and include three ponds, each with water features, a gazebo, a maze, ornamental steps, a patio and beautifully kept lawns.

It is a beautiful drive through the New Forest in order to get to Rhinefield, then a long drive through trees until you eventually see the stunning architecture of Rhinefield at the end of the drive. This is a wonderful way to arrive.

Rhinefield only do one wedding at a time which makes it feel as though it is your’s for the day.

If you are having your ceremony at Rhinefield as well as your reception, they use the fabulous Hall for both. It has a huge window at the end, it has a high ceiling with candelabras, wood panelling and a fabulous stone fireplace.

[UPDATE: 1 May 2017] Rhinefield now offer outside ceremonies if the weather permits.

Between the ceremony and reception the room will need to be turned round by the staff so you and your guests are moved into a spacious adjoining room which is the same room that is used for the disco in the evening and includes a bar. In the Summer, your guests can spill out from this room onto the patio and grounds at the rear. Some couples hire a singer to entertain the guests whilst having drinks on the patio and sometimes they put garden games on the lawn.

by Steve Dunster
9 November 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Rhinefield Road
SO42 7QB

0845 0727516