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Marwell Hall is a wonderfully historic house in the middle of Marwell Zoo and it’s even thought that this is where King Henry VIII spent his wedding night with Jane Seymour. The historic and elegant interiors give many pleasing photo opportunities as does the outside if weather permits. The Hall is very impressive and so are the grounds surrounding it. If timescales and weather permits you are also allowed to roam around the animals. From a photographic point of view, this venue has a very rich supply of fantastic photo-opportunities.

There are quite a variety of wedding packages available giving quite different experiences depending on your needs, the size of your wedding party and the time of year you book. It is definitely worth visiting their website and contacting them for precise and up to date details but it’s hoped we can at least whet your appetite for this venue here.

Some of the packages even include an “Animal Encounter” which when we’ve been there has let the bride and groom feed some animals actually inside the animal pen itself.

All the packages provide dedicated road-train transport for your guests from the zoo gates to Marwell Hall, which would otherwise be quite a step for ladies in big heals or if the weather was unpleasant. Your guests are also welcome to roam around the zoo but I think this is only permitted whilst the zoo is open to the public.

It is possible to book only your wedding ceremony here or you can book both your ceremony and your reception. Whenever you book your wedding for, your ceremony will take place in the Hall but in the Summer, your reception would be in a marquee quite close to the Hall but during the rest of the year your wedding reception would be in the Hall itself.

It is worth pointing out that the Marwell Hotel is literally only walking distance from the gates to the zoo and it is ideally situated for guests to book in to for the night of the wedding. It would give guests the opportunity to catch the wedding road train to the gate, walk to the Hotel, freshen up and change for the evening party and still be back in plenty of time for the First Dance (depending on your schedule of course).

This venue is definitely at its best in warm, dry and pleasant weather. Whilst there is some protection from the weather in the road train, it’s still a lot more pleasant when it’s warm and dry as you’re being driven to the Hall past the animals.

Whilst the Hall interiors are good whatever the weather, its surrounding grounds are pea-shingle and can quickly get muddy in wet weather which can obviously restrict how much outside photography you might want to do if it’s been raining. If you do have an “Animal Encounter” as part of your package, you will also need to get to the animal enclosure which can also be a bit miserable if it’s wet and/or windy.

From a photography point of view this is a fabulous venue, provided it’s dry enough and pleasant enough to freely roam around the grounds.

Undoubtedly this is a wedding venue with a difference, and if you’re into animals in a big way it might be difficult to imagine a more perfect venue for you.

by Steve Dunster
22 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

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Marwell Hall
Marwell Zoo
Thompson’s Lane
Colden Common

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