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Master Builders Bucklers Hard Weddings

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Our Master Builders Review:

The Master Builders Hotel at Bucklers Hard is on the Beaulieu River only minutes drive from the picturesque Beaulieu River and acclaimed National Motor Museum. It is actually the old home of the master builder who owned the company that made Ships of the Line who fought in the Battle of Trafalgar.

There is an iconic wide street of period houses leading down to the river which can be great for photographs but be warned that this area is open to the public and can be full of “muggles” during the Summer.

Down on the riverside is beautiful but looks best in the Summer when the leaves are back on the trees and blue sky is reflected in the water.

The venue itself is oozing with historic and maritime character it is very cozy, especially in the Winter with the small of wood smoke from the gorgeous fireplace in the wonderfully “cottagy” lounge.

The garden of the venue looks very pretty and slopes away down to the river’s edge but this slope does restrict the number of level-ground places in the garden you could have group shots and if there weather was poor there are not many indoor options for large groups.

For smaller weddings this venue would be lovely with lots of options in all weathers. For larger weddings it is an exceptional historic venue with a difference provided the weather is fine enough for guests to spill out onto the gorgeous garden, iconic historic street and riverside.

by Steve Dunster
4 May 2015
Hampshire Wedding Photography

The Master Builder’s House Hotel
Bucker’s Hard
Beaulieu Estate
SO42 7XB

01590 616253

Elmers Court Weddings

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Our Elmers Court Review:

Elmer’s Court is a gorgeous wedding venue just outside of Lymington in the New Forest. It has fabulous exteriors, very elegant interiors and substantial grounds that allow yourto walk right the way down to the banks of the river.

When we have been there bridal prep was in a very pleasant, well lit suite of rooms not far from the main building. There is also a sports bar for your guests to congregate before the ceremony. Elmer’s Court is also a hotel which can be great for guests who want to travel down the day before your wedding or not have to drive after your evening party.

The grounds are very nice and rooms are spacious and wouldn’t look out of place in a period drama.

Elmer’s Court is an obvious candidate for a Summer wedding because of it’s glorious grounds and views but it is equally good as a Winter venue because it’s rooms as so spacious and there is plenty of room on the patio at the back of the main building for group shots (so the ladies don’t have to lose their heals in mud).

Whenever we have been there the staff have been absolutely top class and the venue has a lovely feel about it.

We would definitely recommend Elmer’s Court as both a Top Summer Wedding Venue and a Top Winter Wedding Venue. Well worth a look.

by Steve Dunster
30 April 2015
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Elmer’s Court Country Club
SO41 5ZB

0845 601 1734

East Close Hotel Weddings

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Our East Close Hotel Review:

The East Close Hotel is a lovely wedding venue situated to the south-west of Lyndhurst in the New Forest on the A35. It’s period interiors are sumptuous and done with great style. Inside there’s a gorgeous staircase and various rooms with mirrors and sofas and Georgian windows. It’s a lovely place to spend time.

Out the back of the hotel is a wonderfully spacious and open garden adorned with hay bales and what look like beds that your guests can sit on. There’s also a patio with patio-furniture and the whole place has relaxed and calm ambience.

East Close will do both your ceremony and reception if you wish and the staff are fantastic to work with and the food is magnificent.

Bridal prep facilities are spacious and beautifully decorated & furnished.

The ceremony is in one of the rooms inside the hotel and reception is in the marquee in the garden. The marquee itself is nicely draped and is light and spacious.

We’d thoroughly recommend East Close Hotel for a Summer wedding because of it’s lovely garden, relaxed ambience and spacious marquee.

We’ve not photographed a Winter wedding at East Close yet but imagine it would be a lovely venue for a Winter Wedding too because of its gorgeous interiors. It’s possible that the maximum size of a Winter Wedding might be smaller if they’re not using the marquee but well worth ringing them up and enquiring.

If you want a stylish and period feel to your wedding venue, great food and wonderful staff to work with then we strongly recommend you makes some enquiries at the East Close Hotel. If you want your entire day or maybe just the reception and evening party at a quality venue in the New Forest, then this venue might be for you.

We understand they will take bookings for weddings for any day except Tuesdays, so there may even be some discounts available for a mid-week wedding.

One final point of note is that we understand they have been doing six weddings a week over the Summer and will continue to do so on into the Autumn so it sounds popular and if you’re thinking about booking East Close Hotel for your wedding our advice is that you try and book early.

by Steve Dunster
20 August 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Lyndhurst Road
BH23 7EF

01425 672404

Bartley Lodge Hotel Weddings

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Our Bartley Lodge Hotel Review:

Bartley Lodge Hotel is a fabulous wedding venue. It manages to be both a grand country house with its stunning grounds and fabulous architecture but also in intimate, homely and welcoming venue with its gorgeous and classically elegant interiors.

The staff are absolutely brilliant and very accommodating. Whatever it takes to make your wedding perfect!

It is very close to the M27 and very easy to get to but is up a long drive way in amongst the trees and is very secluded and quiet and there is plenty of parking.

The front of the hotel has a large courtyard style frontage and at the back there is a generous patio and sweeping lawns with trees and lovely view.

We recommend this as both a top summer venue (because of its lovely exteriors and gorgeous grounds) but also a top winter venue (because of its wonderful interiors as well as the ample patio which is ideal of high heels even when the grass is soft).

The Bartley Lodge Hotel has two rooms licensed for wedding ceremonies.

by Steve Dunster
18 May 2014
Hampshire Wedding Photography

near Lyndhurst
SO40 2NR

023 8081 2248

Beaulieu Hotel Weddings

Beaulieu Wedding Photographer
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Our Beaulieu Hotel Review:

The Beaulieu Hotel is a lovely wedding venue in the New Forest. It is actually a few miles away from Beaulieu village itself and the Motor Museum so look it up on a map before you go so you’re not hacking up and down country lanes trying to find it.

It has a very pretty entrance which is red-carpeted for weddings and leads straight to the main road so your transport can drop you there when you Arrive.

Opposite the front of the Hotel is a panoramic view of the New Forest which is great for portraits, especially if you have an interesting sky.

The Ceremony and Reception are held in the same room which is spacious, nicely decorated and with great light. Because the same room is used for both Ceremony and Reception, your guests need to vacate the room so the hotel staff can turn the room round in between. This is not a big issue because in good weather your guests can go out of the patio doors from the Ceremony room straight into the garden which is very pretty and with plenty of paving slabs (great for high heels if the grass is a little soft).

There is also an adjoining room with a bar for your guests to spill out into and it is plenty large enough even if you want a photo booth. Guests are also welcome to spill out into the Hotel’s lounge area.

From a photographic point of view, the interior of the Hotel is very pretty, as is the outside architecture. Opposite the Hotel across the road there is a fabulous open and flat-to-the-horizon part of the New Forest and also some tall trees not far away - if the weather is kind, this can be a great place to do a variety of portraits within walking distance from the Hotel.

When we’ve been there the staff have been a delight to work with. A pretty and intimate venue in the gorgeous New Forest, Hampshire.

by Steve Dunster
11 December 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

SO42 7YQ

0800 444441

Balmer Lawn Hotel Weddings

Balmer Lawn Wedding Photographer
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Our Balmer Lawn Hotel Review:

The Balmer Lawn Hotel has two fine wedding suites, quite some way from each other and with their own gardens. The architecture within the hotel is interesting and photogenic with a staircase, archways and piano in the foyer.

The bridal prep room that we have always been in has been fabulous. It is spacious with a four poster bed, large full length mirror, large windows that give gorgeous portrait lighting and a spacious bathroom.

Both the bridal suites have lovely decoration and sensible layouts.

If time and weather permits a short walk gets you to a beautiful stream which is a fabulous opportunity for portraits. In front of the hotel there is a large lawn which is not only good for daytime portraits against the frontage of the hotel but is also perfect for sunset shots if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Because of the Balmer Lawn’s lovely interiors and the gorgeous bridal prep room as well as the wedding suites being made of several rooms with great ambience and outside photographic opportunities with pavements in case of muddy conditions that we rate the Balmer Lawn Hotel as a Top Winter Wedding Venue.

Additionally because of the close proximity of the bubbling stream and the lawn in front of the hotel that can give you stunning sunset photography, we also rate the Balmer Lawn as a Top Summer Wedding Venue.

by Steve Dunster
18 November 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Privately owned 10-100 guests

Lyndhurst Road
SO42 7ZB

01590 623116

Careys Manor Weddings

Careys Manor Wedding Photographer
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Our Careys Manor Review:

Careys Manor Hotel has lovely external architecture and pretty well tended gardens. There is a sweeping pea-shingle drive in front of red-brick victorian architecture including a stepped porch entrances which makes a terrific frame for length bride and groom portraits or even group shots.

Across from the driveway is a bordered lawn garden which is not only attractive but has plenty of shaded areas for Summer weddings. Following the drive back towards the road and there is a gated archway in the garden wall which is another great place for romantic portraits. Going on through the gate leads you to an open lawn to the road which is also beautifully tended with trees and borders. Yet another gorgeous place for portraits in the Summer.

Stepping just outside of the room used for the Reception leads you a walled patio area which is sheltered and also a pleasant place for group and portrait photography. This is also where they place the hog roast if there is to be one. Guests often spill out into this patio area in Summer weddings during the evening disco.

The interiors of Careys Manor are exceptional. The room used for wedding ceremonies is feels intimate but is spacious and is beautifully designed. The room used for the meal is light and airy and great for both Reception/Speech shots as well as spacious enough for a live band and plenty of guests for the evening.

The design of the hotel is such that you and your guests can walk from the Ceremony Room, through the Foyer and into the Reception Room without going outside, ideal if the weather was poor.

[UPDATE: 1 MAY 2017] Careys now offer outside wedding ceremonies if weather permits.

The jewel in the crown of Careys Manor must surely be the interior of the hotel foyer. The gorgeous wood panelled Foyer, with its wooden stair case makes for some fantastic wedding photography.

It is because of the these varied and pleasant outside wedding photography opportunities as well as its gorgeous interiors that we have rated Careys Manor as both a Top Winter Wedding Venue as well as a Top Summer Wedding Venue.

by Steve Dunster
20 November 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

A romantic Victorian Country House 
Up to 100 guests - only 1 wedding held a day
Available for outdoor weddings

Lyndhurst Road
SO42 7RH

01590 624467

The Forest Lodge Weddings


Pike’s Hill
SO43 7AS

0845 3730904

Rhinefield House Weddings

Rhinefield House Wedding Photographer
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Our Rhinefield House Review:

Rhinefield House has outstandingly beautiful exteriors, interiors and grounds. The interiors are not only beautiful but spacious making Rhinefield an excellent choice for a Winter Wedding. The beauty of the grounds also make Rhinefield a top venue for Summer weddings.

The grounds are substantial and are beautifully designed. They look fantastic both at the front and at the back of the hotel and include three ponds, each with water features, a gazebo, a maze, ornamental steps, a patio and beautifully kept lawns.

It is a beautiful drive through the New Forest in order to get to Rhinefield, then a long drive through trees until you eventually see the stunning architecture of Rhinefield at the end of the drive. This is a wonderful way to arrive.

Rhinefield only do one wedding at a time which makes it feel as though it is your’s for the day.

If you are having your ceremony at Rhinefield as well as your reception, they use the fabulous Hall for both. It has a huge window at the end, it has a high ceiling with candelabras, wood panelling and a fabulous stone fireplace.

[UPDATE: 1 May 2017] Rhinefield now offer outside ceremonies if the weather permits.

Between the ceremony and reception the room will need to be turned round by the staff so you and your guests are moved into a spacious adjoining room which is the same room that is used for the disco in the evening and includes a bar. In the Summer, your guests can spill out from this room onto the patio and grounds at the rear. Some couples hire a singer to entertain the guests whilst having drinks on the patio and sometimes they put garden games on the lawn.

by Steve Dunster
9 November 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Rhinefield Road
SO42 7QB

0845 0727516