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Our Elvetham Review:

Elvetham is an amazing wedding venue not far from Hook in Hampshire. It’s long tree-lined drive builds great expectation and the venue doesn’t disappoint. Hundreds of years ago Elvetham was used by Royalty and you can see why. Everything both inside and out is grand and elegant and beautifully proportioned.

From a photographic point of view you could spend a week there and still have opportunities you hadn’t exploited.

The grounds are huge. There are lawns and hedged walkways and walls with gates and trees and water features and meandering roads. There is a fabulous covered entrance to the main building which has great natural light and gorgeous architectural features.

The inside is exquisite and spacious and oozing with historic culture. The rooms are have high ceiling and the decor is gorgeous. The ceremony room, the reception room and the disco/dance room are all different rooms and adorned with gorgeous fireplaces, windows, book-cases etc.

There is a lovely staircase which leads to the upstairs room, over looking the gorgeous gardens at the back, which is used for bridal prep. It is spacious with fabulous window light and an outstanding view over the garden. A great way for any bride to begin her wedding day.

The grounds and interior have a huge number of portrait opportunities. When it comes to group shots there are many outside options. If the weather isn’t ideal for outside group shots then, because each of the three wedding functions (ceremony, reception and disco) are in different rooms, it is easy for the staff to accommodate group shots indoors in one of the beautifully decorated rooms.

When we have been there the staff have been second to none in their professionalism, resourcefulness and willingness to please.

It is for all these reasons we have rated The Elvetham as both a Top Summer Wedding Venue and a Top Winter Wedding Venue.

by Steve Dunster
1 December 2013
Hampshire Wedding Photography

Details from their website:

Fleet Road
Hartley Wintney
RG27 8AS

01252 844871