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Our Hilton Chilworth Review:

The Hilton at Chilworth (sometimes referred to as the Hilton Chilworth and sometimes as the Hilton Southampton) is easy to get to from the M27 junction 5 at Eastleigh, very close to where the M27 meets the M3 near Southampton.

The grounds are modest and one of the nicest features (a little bridge over water) has been blocked off and is now sadly unavailable for wedding photography.

Regarding the Hilton’s interiors, the foyer is visually interesting and the main wedding room is beautifully decorated and is very spacious.

There are few places for group shots. The back garden is largely grass and on an incline. If the weather has been good and the grass firm and the sun is in the right direction then there are some opportunities for group shots at the back. If the weather is poor there are few options but one of them is at the entrance to the hotel. It is reasonably well sheltered, has flagstones for the high heels and there is a small exotic garden which can provide a pleasing back drop.

At the right time of year there are some nice climbing plants with abundant blooms for garden photography and there are wooden columns and a long wooden balcony.

In summary, this venue is easy to get to and has plenty of ambience once you get inside with it’s interesting foyer, wide corridor and pleasing spacious main wedding room. It’s photographic opportunities are limited both inside and out so it may be worth considering whether or not you’d like to travel to somewhere nearby for bride and groom portraits - if your timescales and transport arrangements allow.

by Steve Dunster
24 May 2014
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Bracken Place
SO16 3NG

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