How We Work

Beautiful Group Shot Wedding Photography at Rhinefield House, New Forest, Hampshire

We are
Hampshire Wedding Photographers who are fun, helpful and easy going…but thorough giving you unparalleled coverage for your wedding photography. During your wedding we photograph using a wide range of wedding photography styles, including those listed below:

Traditional English Wedding Photography

Traditional English weddings have a number of set-pieces through the day which we help to set up and organise as well as photograph. These include the signing of the register and the cake cut as well as group photographs before and after the ceremony.

Still Life Details

We photograph close up details of flowers, dresses, shoes and jewellery during Bridal Prep and before your guests go in for their meal we will photograph the details of your tables and place settings.

Reportage/Photojournalism Wedding Photography

Most of the day we are unobtrusively photographing anything we notice happening that would help tell the story of your day. This can include anything from a look between a bride and groom, to bridesmaids sack racing or children making a wedding cake with stones.

Our reportage style tends towards the “light and airy” and “colourful” as opposed to the “dark-and-dirty gritty” style adopted by some reportage photographers.

The big reportage set pieces of the day are Bridal Prep (photographing whatever the girls are up to during that all important “getting ready” phase), the Ceremony (photographing the walk up the aisle, the giving away, the exchanging of rings), the Speeches (photographing the speech-makers but also the reactions of the top table and guests), and the First Dance.

Candid Wedding Photography - the natural shots

Throughout the day we will be mingling with your guests doing all we can to remain un-noticed and to photograph smiles and laughter as they happen without your guests even knowing they are being photographed. This is a very popular style and really helps to show how much fun your day was.

Candid Groups

There are times of the day where we will interact with your guests to prompt an on-the-fly photograph. Whilst guests are waiting for bride, we will go up and down the aisle asking the guests if they’d like a photograph. During the Drinks Reception we will ask if they would like any photographs of the people they happen to be with. As they sit down for their Wedding Breakfast, we will ask any couples or families if they would like photographs.

Romantic Portraits

We like to take you away from your guests for a little while to get some special photographs of just the two of you. Precisely what we do depends on your venue and the weather and what you’re comfortable with but it is not unusual for us to photograph you with breathtakingly beautiful big skies or elegant portraits on sweeping stairs or closeups of the two of you looking into each other’s eyes or laughing when you don’t think we are photographing you.

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