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This is the Privacy Policy for
Hampshire Wedding Photographers Jacqui Marie Photography Ltd.

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This website is running over "https://" for your security and privacy.

Contact information, Order information, Wedding details, Contractual agreements, Payment details (how much and when) are kept by us to be able to satisfactorily complete your orders, create our company accounts, as proof of copyright and for us to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

None of your information will be shared with any other person, organisation or business without your consent, unless it is to:
>> comply with a law or regulation, court order, or other legal process
>> protect our rights or property
>> comply this privacy statement
>> protect someone's health or safety

Bank Details are needed by us if we need to give you a refund. This is usually sent to us using email, stored on the two-step protected Gmail servers and on local Mac computers with FileVault encrypted hard disks.

Credit Card Details are not stored by us and are managed purely by Paypal and Stripe banking services.

Your data is safe with us

We keep your information and photographs on encrypted disks and on GDPR-compliant offsite storage services so your information and photographs are safe even in the event of theft of our equipment or a disaster at our premises.

Our automated backup systems run hourly to store your information on multiple hard drives, multiple computers and to offsite servers.

Our operating systems and applications are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and our offline storage provider is ransom-ware resilient.

If we suffer a disaster at our premises, our equipment would be replaced quickly by our business insurance and your information and photographs would be easily recovered from our offsite storage.

If any part of our systems fail, we can continue to work because we have synchronised and redundant computers make for a seamless change over from our main to our backup systems.

Your contact and order information as well as your wedding details and photographs are only ever stored on FileVault encrypted Mac computers, offline FileVault encrypted USB Hard disks, encrypted Time-Machine backup disks, two-step protected Google Mail, GDPR-compliant Dropbox, Pixieset Client Gallery servers and on Paypal and Stripe banking systems.


Before delivery (whilst we are still actively working on your photographs), we keep a copy on our main processing Mac which is FileVault encrypted in case it is stolen. This Mac is backed up hourly to a dedicated and encrypted Time-Machine hard disk. All your photographs and all the work we are doing on them are constantly backed-up to offline GDPR-compliant, ransom-ware resilient Dropbox. The offline backup is constantly kept in sync as long as our broadband is online. Our broadband is provided by BT-Business in order to get the best reliability and highest priority for service resumption. Our backup processing Mac (which also has a FileVault encrypted hard disk and is backed up to a different dedicated and encrypted time-machine hard disk) is constantly online and syncing to the offsite backup. In the event of our main processing Mac failing, we can seamlessly resume work on the backup processing Mac until the main Mac is repaired.

Total number of backups during processing and
before delivery is FIVE (four local and one offsite):
Main Mac + Main Mac TimeMachine (local/hourly) + Offsite Backup (constant) + Backup Mac (constant) + Backup TimeMachine (local/hourly)

After delivery (once we have finished actively working on your photographs), we put a copy of your photographs on to your own USB-memory device and send it to you. We also put a copy of the same photographs onto a Pixieset Client Gallery. This will be an online password protected gallery from where you can download the same full-sized photographs that are on your USB-memory device so that you have an offsite-backup of your wedding photographs whilst you make your own backup arrangements. We copy your wedding photographs from our main processing Mac onto two different FileVault encrypted external hard disks and store them offline and keep them in different parts of our premises. We keep these offline disk copies in case you ask us for another copy of your wedding photographs and as proof of our copyright and for legal, regulatory and auditing purposes to prove we are a legitimate business if ever we are called upon to prove so. We then remove your wedding photographs from our Main Mac, our Backup Mac and our offsite Dropbox backup.

Total number of backups during processing and
after delivery is FOUR (plus any copies you make for yourself, which we recommend):
Your USB Device + Pixieset Online Password-protected Gallery + 2x offline external encrypted Hard disks kept at our premises

We will keep the Pixieset Online Password-Protected gallery up for as long as possible (or until you ask us to take it down) and we will keep the copies of your wedding photographs on our offline backup hard disks for as long as we can but you should make your backup arrangements for your wedding photographs as soon as possible. If ever your own backups fail, please ask us. We will do all we can to provide you with another copy of your wedding photographs but you should consider the backing up of your wedding photographs to be your responsibility once we have delivered your photographs to you.

You are permitted to print and copy your wedding photographs on your USB Device for personal use and we will give you a printed statement to that effect when we deliver your USB Device to you.

We may contact you from time to time regarding any changes to your online password protected gallery.

Privacy Preferences

Once you have paid your booking fee for your wedding, you may use the
Privacy Preferences page on this website to inform us of how you would like us to manage your photographs from a privacy point of view. You may update your Privacy Preferences as often as you would like to, either before or after your wedding.

Website Privacy Policy

The information this website receives and how we use it depends on what you do when visiting our site. We collect and store your
non-personal information (information that is not identifiable to you personally) differently from your personal information.

Non-personal information

Each time you visit this site we may collect non-personal information about you from your computer. This information is collected from your computer's browser and may include the following non-personal information:
Web browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox)
Domain name from which you access the Internet
Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to this site
Date and time you access this site
Pages you visit

We may place cookies in the browser files of your computer when you visit. The cookies may be stored on your computer's hard drive. The information that we collect is using cookies is non-personal information. You may disable the use of cookies or delete cookies from you hard drive by changing the settings in your browser. See below for details. Please be aware that the disabling of some cookies may prevent the proper functioning of this website.

If you only read information from this site, we do not collect or learn your name, email address, home address, telephone number or other personal information about you.

There are no restrictions on the way we use or share non-personal (anonymous) information. We will use non-personal information to help us improve this website and for other business purposes. We may prepare reports and other materials using non-personal information.

Google Signals

We are trialing the use of Google Signals (Beta) which will allow Google Analytics to collect website visitation information and associate it with Google information from accounts of signed-in users who have consented to this association for the purposes of ads personalisation. This Google information may include end user location, search history, YouTube history, and data from sites that partner with Google - and is used to provide aggregated and anonymised insights in the cross device behaviour of website visitors.

The Google information used for this association may be accessed and/or deleted by your "My Activity" when you are signed in with Google.

Personal information

You have the opportunity to contact us using the "Get In Touch" page using the form provided. Personal information that we collect if you fill out the form may include:
Your name
Your email address
Your telephone number
The date of your wedding
Any details you wish to share with us in the "Message" field

We may use this information to, but not limited to:
Respond to your request
Contact you via email, telephone or otherwise
Provide you with information that we believe may be of interest to you

By submitting personal information on the "Get In Touch" page (such as your name, email address and telephone number), you agree that we may keep a record of it and may use in accordance with the above.

Sharing Personal information

We will never share your personal information with other businesses, organisations or individuals without your permission, except under the following circumstances:
To comply with a law or regulation, court order, or other legal process
To protect our rights or property
To comply this privacy statement
To protect someone's health or safety

Cookie Policy

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What are cookies

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What cookies are used for on this website

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