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Fun Hampshire Wedding Photographers Jacqui and Steve providing stunning fine art and story-telling wedding photography.

We are friendly
professional Wedding Photographers based in Whiteley, near Fareham in Hampshire. We have been photographing weddings together in Hampshire and the surrounding areas for nearly ten years. We instinctively know each other's movements, styles, approaches and roles. Neither of us have photographed a wedding without the other. Together we provide unparalleled wedding photography coverage.

We can be in different places, with different angles, with different lenses and we are well practiced at staying out of each other's photographs. We also see the same wedding in surprisingly different ways (apparently women see weddings differently to men) and this results in a popular mix of wedding photography styles.

Our wedding photography style is a mix of: "light and airy", colourful, emotional moments, vintage black and whites, dramatic sky-scapes, elegant portraiture and intimate romantics.

We have lived in Hampshire all our lives and most of our wedding photography business is in Hampshire. We know the venues, the suppliers and the routes. We also know where we could suggest stopping for romantic portraits if your venues were not appropriate for the photographs you'd like. Hampshire has some amazing wedding photography opportunities and we've found that it undoubtedly helps to be locals.

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“...they are unlike any we researched, both visionary and intuitive. Both Jacqui and Steve were able to see the unseen and grab opportunities for some fantastic pictures. ...they work perfectly as a team, and made us feel so relaxed they became part of our congregation and reception party! Which of course made for some great photos. I can’t recommend them enough, we are SO impressed with their work.”

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Why We May Be the Best Wedding Photographers For You

Fun - We love weddings, people and families. We’ve been happily married for more than thirty years and we have been photographing weddings together for ten years. We have a playful approach to our wedding photography which seems to put people at their ease and lets us get some wonderfully natural wedding photographs.

Unobtrusive - we dress like guests and mingle as guests. For most of the day you’ll hardly notice we’re there, except when we are organising formal groups or taking your romantic wedding photographs …and maybe when you need us to pin a button-hole or two.

Story-telling - our aim is to tell the story of your day with emotion-filled wedding photographs by all the creative means at our disposal. What photographic style tells the best story? It depends on the story and it depends on the moment. An unobtrusive reportage style can be a great way to capture bridesmaids laughing…or Dad with a tear in his eye. Sometimes we get the best wedding photographs when we interact with the guests (and maybe tease them a little) at other times we just photograph natural smiles and laughter as they happen. Romantic in-close with pastel colours and soft-focus backgrounds can be a great way to show loving looks between a bride and groom. For a sunset fine art wedding photography with rich colours and great lighting is the way to go. We aim to use whatever style best tells the strongest emotional story of the moment - and we do it quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

Personalised Albums - we have a wide range of quality wedding albums to suit all tastes. We design the albums ourselves and work with you to achieve the design you want.

Fast Delivery - As a guide, we normally deliver 600+ wedding photographs. For most of the year it takes between 3-6 weeks after the day of the wedding to process the photographs and upload them to your online gallery. If we have had a busy August, then some Autumn weddings might have their delivery extended to 8 weeks but we try and keep these to a minimum. If you have an album package you’ll be invited to choose your favourite wedding photographs for inclusion in the album. Having received your choices we’ll normally get the first draft of the design to you within a week or two. We iterate the design with you until it is the way you want. Once the design is finalised it usually takes up to two weeks to get your album printed.

Thorough Preparation - with emails, phone calls and meetings we work with you to make sure that we understand your plans and preferences. If we have not photographed at your wedding venue before then we make sure we visit it before your day.

Competitive Prices - our full day coverage is so competitively priced that it would be a fantastic price for just a single photographer, but with us you get two wedding photographers for the price of one who have been working together as a team for ten years.

Wedding Photographers for Hampshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire and Surrey

If your wedding is further than an hour from away from Southampton, then we may need to add reasonable travel expenses to our package price and perhaps overnight accommodation if the distances and your wedding schedule require it.

Winter/Spring 2018

A selection of our favourite moments from weddings over the last few months

Chichester Wedding by Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Balmer Lawn Wedding near Southampton by Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Rhinefield House Wedding near Southampton by Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Fareham Wedding by Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Rhinefield House Wedding near Southampton by Hampshire Wedding Photographers

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