We Love Weddings and We Love Storytelling

Steve is a third generation photographer and we’ve been shooting together since we were married in 1985. We went into business together in 2008, specialising in Portrait and Wedding Photography and have loved every minute.

We operate out of Whiteley near Fareham in Hampshire and normally cover an area within an hour’s travel of home but also travel further afield.

We love weddings and love helping couples have the very best wedding day possible. If you’d like, we can help with your planning, we can help with getting you ready on the day and we work with the other wedding professionals to keep your day running smoothly.

In order to get the best
expressions we try to make sure you’re relaxed and happy. We understand that most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera so we do our best to put you at ease and improve your confidence.

is central to everything that we do. Good lighting has the power to flatter you, to make you look your best and is also a vital mood-setting tool. Different body shapes and face shapes benefit from different types of lighting. When on location or at a wedding we know where to find the best and most flattering light. When natural light is not good enough, we have portable lights to make it so.

Holding yourself in a natural and flattering way
is crucial and we know how to help you look your best. A good expression in good lighting means nothing if you stand rigid or slouch in front of the camera. We show you how best to stand, lean or sit in order to look relaxed and look your best for your particular body shape. We don’t get you to do anything that feels odd, quite the opposite…we observe what you do when you’re engaging with people and friendly, then remind you to do the same in front of the camera. It’s easy…and it works.

Where time, lighting and space allow we always seek to compose other elements around the picture to best show off the subject being taken. For example, we’d try and move our angle on a bride so instead of her having a busy road behind her in the picture, she’d have a nice dark archway in the background framing her and the darkness then helps to not only reduce distraction but to also pop her off the background.

Our aim is to catch the emotional essence of your wedding day, not just in a documentary way but in a way that captures the emotional contours of the day through candids, formal groups, portraits, details and scene-setters. We do our best to be as non-intrusive as possible and we work as fast as we can so you can enjoy your day.

Many of our couples return to us for further business and many have found out about us through recommendation.

We love what we do and we love to provide the best service we can to our couples…and that doesn’t stop at photography. We like to help in any way we can to make your day go well. We usually have several meetings with a bride and groom of one sort or another before a wedding…so we really know you and your wishes quite well by the time the big day arrives.

It is always a privilege to be invited to photograph somebody's wedding...a privilege we are always grateful for and never take for granted.

Jacqui and Steve Dunster